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(The conjunction "or" does not make the subject plural, provided the simple subjects are singular of course.) Janet or the men have a suggestion. (The verb is now plural because one of the simple subjects ("the men") is plural.) It's the same deal with "nor." For example: Janet nor John has a suggestion. (Rule 3) "As well as" does not create a ...

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Plural nouns cause two major problems in formal writing. I. First, class- or group-nouns like "army," "audience," and "student body" are technically singular, even though they refer to a plurality of individuals. They should be treated as singular: • The Senate, as a rule, makes its opinion known ...

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Böjningar av licence Singular Plural Nominativ licence: licences: Genitiv licence's: licences' licence (överallt förutom i USA) licens Varianter: license ... Feb 17, 2011 · Singular Plural bushes dishes eyelashesExercise 12Fill in the blank with the plural noun.After supper we have to wash the _____.She has long _____.Mike trims the _____ in the front yard every weekend.Exercise 13The words that end in –sh have been chopped into small pieces.

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