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Here we created 3 tracks, a Property track that changes the frame property of Sprite over time, advancing through our animation. We also created a Method call track that calls queue_free() at the end of the animation.

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Godot version: Godot_v3.2-beta5_x11. OS/device including version: Manjaro Linux (rolling (as of 2020-01-04)) Issue description: I placed my games view in a viewport which itself is placed within a ViewportContainer. I attached a script to it to scale the viewport to the current display/window size.また、Godotの開発を先導したブエノスアイレスのゲーム会社 OKAM Studioの開発しているゲームたちの多くはGodotが採用されているようである. Godot は軽い. 私のPCで測ったものなので目安に留めていただきたいが、UE 4.20.3, Unity 2018.4.2f1 と簡単に比較してみた

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Jan 27, 2015 · We should pause a bit to discuss the viewport, it’s a critical concept in graphics. As you may notice in the earlier screenshots, the Viewport is drawn as a blue rectangle, with it’s top left corner at 0,0 in 3D space. By default in Godot 2D, the root node is a viewport, which is why we could access it using get_parent() from our sprite node. Apr 24, 2018 · This video will teach you how to handle input in Godot 3 including keyboard, mouse, and joystick/gamepad devices. We will look at handling input via both polling and event driven, as well as creating an input map to handle input actions in a generic manner.

Godot also allows specification of texture compression and resolution settings for each platform the game supports. Currently supported platforms include Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, HTML5, flash, NaCl, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and 3DS. Godot - 获得游戏中的尺寸. 获得OS.window_size 虽然是实际窗口的尺寸,但不是游戏内设计坐标系的尺寸 如果在Control组件下,并充满屏幕可以读取rect_size 在任意gd代码下使用get_viewport_rect().size可获得设计尺寸