Drag coefficient of a cylinder in crossflow

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Drag force that appear at flow around cylinders have an important practical impact in applications. Cylinder is a case where because of its simplicity the flow coefficient is very difficult to be exactly determined analytically, because it depend on many parameters: (2) The drag itself of a body is...

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The tooth top width decreases with the increase of its generating coefficient and arc radius coefficient, resulting in the increase of energy consumed to resist the inverse pressure gradient and the decrease of drag coefficient. Because of the fluctuation of vortex shedding, the lift coefficient changes periodically.

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Jun 11, 2020 · The nominal Reynolds number, based on the cylinder diameter, ranged from 1.40 × 10 4 to 4.21 × 10 4 . It is found that, as expected, the straked cylinder has a higher drag coefficient in comparison with its smooth counterpart.

investigated. The current computations predict a cylinder drag coefficient of C D=0.375. This computationally predicted value is in very good agreement with the measured drag coefficients as shown in Figure 6. Figure 4. Grid system near the antenna and the boundary layer grid used in drag coefficient calculations c/H = fineness ratio Re= [ρU tip H/µ] H c The drag coefficient is an empirical constant that depends upon the shape of the solid body, and the Reynolds number of the fluid flow. Empirical values for drag coefficient for various shaped objects are given in the diagram at the right and the table. below. Note that a value for Reynolds Number is...drag coefficient on max. tensile stress at lumped mass 99 95 Figure 5.2.12: Influence of internal fluid flow and oscillating drag force coefficient on cross flow displacement 96 Figure: 5 .2.13: Influence of oscillating drag coefficient on in-line displacement at lumped mass 50 97