Cadillac 3.6 turbo kit

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Boots and Seals Kit - Porsche 991 GT3, 991 Turbo, 991 Turbo S & 981 GT4 Front Caliper (Price is for 2 Calipers) This kit includes: (For two calipers) 12 ea. Dust boots (30mm) 12 ea. Oil seals (30mm) View caliper rebuild instructions.

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Sep 12, 2016 · Even more rare is the 3.6 Turbo S with optional Flachblau option giving it a slant nose look. This was a60k option on top of the 99k price tag of a new turbo in 1993-1994. There were 39 examples that were brought into the USA ( 90 total for the world). A 3.6 turbo Flachbau just sold at Gooding Auction for 1 million dollars! Specs: Turbo 3.6:

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This kit fits LS1,2,3,6 engine platforms. High-quality SS v-band clamps and a flex coupler are used - no cheap stuff here! This kit comes with a single T6 flange mount for your turbo, and a single 60mm TurboSmart waste gate flange (turbo and wastegate not included - available for purchase as an option).

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