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The key is the number '5' with the '%' sign. The euro currency symbol is also on this key but I can't for the life of me figure how to print it with every combination of Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and Alt Gr.

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Method B – How to use ALT codes on a laptop keyboard without a dedicated numeric keypad. On a laptop keyboard, a set of keys have a secondary function, that when enabled, makes them act as a numeric keypad, as shown in the image below: Image Credit: Locate the Function or Fn key on the bottom left of the keyboard.

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I just got bit by this myself. Bought an Acer laptop in Quebec, had a bilingual keyboard. Fine. Returned the laptop and ordered a different model from BC (also Acer though) – same bilingual keyboard. For those suggesting "just change the region settings", have a closer look. The keys are physically located in different positions. Dec 31, 2008 · As the title says i have a acer aspire one running linux lite and the keyboard is all messed up. if i press shift and 2 i get the @ sign, or if i press shift and @ i get inverted commas . the hash key is backslash etc etc etc. in windows it iis easy to solve but on linux lite i have not got a clue. could somebody please help as it is driving my ...

You can obtain many 'non standard' characters by using Alt codes instead. For example, to obtain '¼' you would key 'Alt' 172 - press and hold 'Alt', press and release '1', press and release '7', press and release '2', release 'Alt'. '½' would be Alt171. You can find a list of Alt codes at: 0.